This is the information page for the City of Chicago Water Departmentís implantation of CHAMP (CHicago Asset Management Portal, formerly DataLink/WebPortal).†† This page will contain information about updates, outages, tips, and support.


CHAMP is accessed from a web browser at the following address:


Link for the CHAMP Essential Guide.

For assistance, call (312) 616-7529 (voicemail only) or email





What is CHAMP?

CHAMP underwent a major upgrade in January, 2013. The current version is called CHAMP (previously called WebPortal/DataLink).It is a custom application that runs on top of InforEAM.InforEAM is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system formerly called Datastream. InforEAM has been used by the City of Chicago's Department of Water Management for many processes such as workforce management, inventory management, and asset management since 2004. CHAMP will be used to process work orders and plays a role in inventory and asset management.


Can my computer run CHAMP?

CHAMP is a Web-architected, Internet-based application that has undergone most of its testing on Internet Explorer (IE). If your computer can run IE8 or IE9, you can run CHAMP. A limited amount of testing has been performed with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and various mobile browsers.CHAMP has worked with these other browsers, but is optimized to work with IE.


CHAMPRelease Notes

New in

-Grids have been replaced with a more robust solution

-New lookups with functionality similar to InforEAM

-Implemented time picker control for time selection

-Added copy button to Issue Material grid